The best time to visit Cappadocia and places to visit in 2022

The best time to visit Cappadocia and places to visit in 2022

Cappadocia is a land of fairy tales where geography, history and culture are intertwined… It is a cultural heritage where you are astounded as you learn about the history and story of valleys and fairy chimneys that you cannot take your eyes off of. For these reasons, it is a rising star among the places to visit in the world.

With the increase in popularity of balloon flights in recent years, Cappadocia has become a highly demanded destination among domestic and foreign tourists. So when to come to Cappadocia? Cappadocia, in the lands of Turkey, where four seasons are experienced, has also taken its share from this season's diversity. However, since it is in the inner parts of Anatolia and far from the sea, it has an arid climate with no humidity effect. Day and night temperature differences are high. That's why, no matter what season you come, don't forget to add something with long sleeves to your suitcase ????


Cappadocia, which has not had a season concept in recent years, is suitable for visiting in all seasons. If a little cold is not a problem for you, the fairy chimneys and valley views are like a magnificent painting under the snow in winter. Although the cold of winter begins to make itself felt in November, the coldest months are January and February. On days when there is no wind, you can easily enjoy the views in your thermal or thick clothes.

As of March, Cappadocia starts to turn green and spring air starts to blow, but as of the end of April, spring comes exactly, valley tours, bicycle tours, organizations organized at the end of the day begin to increase. May and June are the best months to visit Cappadocia, but let's not forget that the region is a bit crowded when you come in these months.

Increasing temperatures as of the end of June can reach 35-40 degrees from time to time in July and August. It would be a better decision for our guests who are not good with very hot temperatures and have various health problems to come at a time other than these months.

As of the second half of September, the weather starts to cool and the region takes on a festive mood with the grape harvest and festivals. Again, September and October are the most suitable times for our guests who like to spend time outside and walk.


Tourism activities continue non-stop in Cappadocia, which is beautiful in every season. The most curious subject is whether balloons fly in all seasons, let's talk about that subject, balloon flights continue throughout the year regardless of the season and air temperatures, but due to the wind, which is the most important factor, flights are canceled by the Turkish civil aviation institution on days when the wind is above a certain level.

We are waiting for you in Cappadocia, where you will be greeted with a warm smile no matter what the weather is, and you will leave with experiences that will warm your heart every time you remember it. For more detailed information, you can contact us on our website.

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