Cappadocia, a fairy tale land that has risen to the top of the list of places to see before dying in recent years, for those seeking an extraordinary cultural tour, adventure wonderers and hiking lovers. It has become one of the most frequent destinations for tourists in recent years, with its unknown history and incredible volcanic formations, Fairy Chimneys, mysterious underground cities, valleys adorned with rock churches, and hot air balloons that take off at the first light of the day.


So what should we keep in mind before coming to Cappadocia? Cappadocia's unique arid climate causes great differences between day and night temperatures. Therefore, no matter how hot the day is, the air will cool towards the evening. Likewise, balloon flights are made in the early hours of the morning and the weather is well below the seasonal normals in the morning. For this reason, taking a sweater or coat with you will protect you from getting cold.

Cappadocia has a soil structure consisting of volcanic tuffs in general, where volcanic formations are abundant. Transportation in most of the places to be visited is provided by these dirt paths. For this reason, it would be a logical choice to have a pair of hiking shoes with you, whether you are going to hike the valley or not.

Especially in summer, our visitors should prefer light-colored clothes in order not to have dust spots and not to be overwhelmed in the summer heat of up to 40 degrees. Keeping at least one hat or an umbrella in their bags will make it easier for our visitors to walk on hot days. Also, no matter what season you come, be sure to bring your sunglasses and sunscreen with you.

 Let's also point out that there are many markets, pharmacies and ATMs in the region, so you don't need to bring extra cash with you or carry medicine and grocery products in your bag.


Especially in recent years, Cappadocia has come to mind with its fascinating balloon flights. However, since there are a limited number of balloon companies and balloons in the region, the number of people who can fly daily is limited. If you are going to visit Cappadocia especially for a balloon flight, making your balloon reservation in advance, especially during peak seasons, will ensure that you do not leave anything to chance.

If you want to have an authentic holiday with the texture of Cappadocia, you should definitely choose rock hotels, there are hotels with rock-carved rooms suitable for every budget in the region.


One of the most common questions about Cappadocia is how many days should we stay in Cappadocia. Cappadocia is a very rich region in terms of both natural beauties and historical structures. It is full of countless beauties to visit and see. Therefore, you should spend at least 3 days in this magnificent region. In this way, even if you miss your balloon flight due to the balloons that do not take off from time to time due to weather conditions, you will have the chance to postpone it to the next day.

You will not be able to understand how your days passed in Cappadocia. If you have any other questions about your visit, which we will guarantee will be an unforgettable holiday for many years, you can contact us through all communication channels

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