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Day 1 –  Northern Cappadocia Tour (Red Tour )

The tour will depart at 9.30 am and you will be picked up from your hotel by your guide before departure timeThe first stop is Uçhisar Castle, the highest rock formation in  Cappadocia.  The guide will explain just how this amazing landscape came into existence.

The second stop of this tour is Open Air Museum. Open Air Museum is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1985 and known as holy for the first Christians. You will see churches, rock formations used as shelters and monasteries made with stone and It worth to come from a long way.

Love Valley is one of the best point where you can see the increadible forms of fairy chimneys with a panoramic view. This place  called “Bağlıdere” between locals of the region, but especially in recent years lots of wedding couples coming here to make their wedding photo shoots, thats why it named as Love Valley nowadays.

Paşabağ (also known as Monks Valley) is the best area where you can observe the formations of fariry chimneys, also some different types of them like; three-headed fairy chimneys and the thiniest neck fairy chimney. Your guide will tell the existence story of these fairy chimneys which occurred with calderal eruptions millions years ago.

Now, time for a little rest for our valued guests by lunch at a local restaurant.

The next stop is Devrent Valley (“Imagination Valley”) - a stunning valley where you can spot natural rock formations in many recognisable shapes in cappadocia, including the famous camel-shaped rock. Use your imagination and see what other shapes you can find.The next place to visit is the town Avanos. The most famous historical feature of Avanos, which is still valid and very visible today, is the production of traditional pottery. The ceramic trade and numerous pottery factories in this district date back to the Hittites, and ceramic clay obtained from the red silt of Kızılırmak has always been used. If you want, you can try to make your own unique pottery after the demonstration.

One of the best  stop of the tour is Ürgüp. We can say Ürgüp is the center of Cappadocia and one of the  active and most crowded place of the region. The attraction point of Ürgüp is its special fairy chimneys that look like a nuclear family and called as ‘Three Beauties / Üç Güzeller.

The last stop of Red Tour Cappadocia is Cappadocia Carpet Factory, from the early ages carpets are one of the main liflodes of Cappadocia and the way of the women’s  contribution to the domestic economy. At this last stop we will see the traditional  way of making carpets by locals acompanied by the story of the unique designs.

At the end of the tour around 16:30-17:30, transfer to Hotel in Cappadocia. Overnight stay in Cappadocia


TOUR DETAILS                                                                                               

Red tour Cappadocia is including 9 stops.

  • Uçhisar Castle View
  • Open Air Museum
  • Love Valley Panoramic View
  • Paşabağ (Monks Valley)
  • Lunch Break
  • Imagination Valley also known as Devrent Valley
  • Avanos Pottery Demonstration
  • Ürgüp The Three Beauties
  • Cappadocia Carpet Factory


Day 2 – Southern & Underground City Tour (Green Tour)

Note: Hot Air Balloon tour is optional for this morning.

The tour will depart at 9.30 am and you will be picked up from your hotel by your guide before departure time. The first step of the green tour is Göreme Panorama which is a point to see and understand Cappadocia. Here your guide will tell you about the history of Cappadocia and its unique rock formations.

The second stop is Underground City. Kaymaklı Underground City has 8 open floors for visiting. It is the largest underground settlement in Cappadocia, which dates back to the centuries. You go down 8 floors, each of is connected by narrow tunnels and stone-carved stairs. In Kaymaklı where many people live together in ages ago you’ll feel like in a time machine and be surprised every floor and rooms you go deeper.

Selime Monastery is one of the first places of Christianity and at the same time the oldest monastery in Cappadocia.Selime Monastery, one of the most photogenic places in Cappadocia, is also called the cathedral, and there are some living quarters in it, such as a missionary school and a church.

The next stop , Ihlara Valley is one of the most beautiful valley around the world and it is exactly like an open-air museum. It is accepted by not only us, but also all around the world. To reach this valley, you’ll walk under by numerous stairs and visit Ağaçaltı Church, which has impressing art left from 10th and 13th century and finally walk through the riverside of the Melendiz River to Belisırma Village. You can rest your soul with the peaceful sound of the river and see fruits hanging from trees, if you join in the right season to this walking tour that will take 1 hour and about 3,5 km.

After a long walking tour you have a break for lunch at the riverside! If the season is summer or spring, Belisırma Village is more colorful.You can rest your feet in the water when you eat something in the pergola over the river.

 The other famous Valley in Cappadocia is Pigieon Valley near Uçhisar. You can  see the pigeon houses carved from the stone by ancient inhabitants.

In Cappadocia, gemstones and semi-precious stones are processed in onyx studios and these studios are one of the pleasant stops of Green Tour Cappadocia. Your guide explain what you wonder  about the formation and production of these stones.

At the end of the tour around 18:00-18:30, transfer to Hotel in Cappadocia. Overnight stay in Cappadocia



Green tour Cappadocia is including 7 stops.

  • Göreme Panorama View
  • Kaymaklı Underground City
  • Ihlara valley (3,5 km walking)
  • Selime Monastery
  • Lunch Break
  • Uchisar Pigeon Valley
  • Onyx Center Visitation (Gem stones demonstration )



Day 3 – – Mustafa Paşa Village  & Keşlik Monestery Tour ( Blue Tour)

Note: Hot Air Balloon tour is optional for this morning.

The tour will depart at 9.30am and you will be picked up from your hotel by your guide before departure time. The first attraction point of blue tour is Mustafapaşa Village is an old Greek village. The village witnessed to the past of Orthodox Christians and there you can see many places that belongs to early christians.

Keslik Monastery is the second stop of blue tour. Your guide gives information about its impressive wall paintings and tell the history of this monastery. Your next stop will be Şahinefendi Sobesos archeological place.

Archaeologists have been doing regularly excavation work for almost ten years in Şahinefendi Sobesos.  They aim to learn history of this place and to find new hints about civilizations which lived here. You will see the Roman bath, graves, mosaics and basilicas among those excavations so far.

The next and fourth stop of the blue tour Cappadocia is the Soğanlı Valley. Since the Soganli Valley was known both in the past and in the present as the third largest monk center in Cappadocia, it is one of the main attractive point of this tour. However, in order to feel energized before Soganli, we will have lunch at a local restaurant. While walking through the Soganli Valley, you will see many women selling their handmade products. The most comman and famous one is Soğanlı dolls which is maden for their children at first place but become an icon of the town in years.

The last place to explore is Taskınpasa Village, where you will encounter many buildings in Turkish Architecture.The famous places to see here are the mosques,medrese(the theological school of Muslims) and tombs.

At the end of the tour, according to your flight time, we will transfer you to the airport for your return flight to Istanbul. Upon landed at Istanbul Airport, our team will meet you at the exit gate inside the domestic terminal with holding a sign which is your name written on it. And, transfer back to your Istanbul Hotel.

End of our service, hope to welcome you again!


Mustafa Paşa Village & Keşlik Monastery Tour

       Blue tour Cappadocia is including 7 stops.

  • Mustafa Paşa Village
  • Keşlik Monestery
  • Soğanlı Valley
  • Lunch Break
  • Taşkınpaşa Village



Included Services

** Guests are picked up from hotels in the morning and dropped off at hotels in the evening,

** Air-conditioned vehicles provide transportation to all parts of Green Tour,

** Professional guidance service,

** Entrance fees to museums and archaeological sites are included.

** Children from 0 to 4 years old are free of charge if you can share your seat with them. If they want to sit individually you should pay half of the tour prize.


Excluded Services

** Drinks and personal expenses are belong to you.

** Tip to guide and driver

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