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Hot Air Balloon tour is optional for this morning.

The tour will depart at 9.30am and you will be picked up from your hotel by your guide before departure time.

Elmali (Apple) Church a smaller cave church. Was built around 1050 and has carved into four irregular pillars the sign of a Greek cross with these pillars support its central dome. Restoration on the church was completed in 1991, you.

Karanlık Kilise (or the Dark Church) was a monastic compound built in the 11th century. It is a domed church with one main apse, two small apses and four columns. It was decorated with scenes from the New Testament:  Christ Pantocrator, Nativity, Adoration of the Magi, First Bath, Last Supper, Betrayal of Judas, Crucifixion, Anastasis.

After the Turkish invasion it was used as a pigeon house until the 1950s. After 14 years of scraping pigeon droppings off the walls, these newly restored frescos, depicting scenes from the New Testament, are the best preserved in all of Cappadocia and a fine example of 11th-century Byzantine art.

Tokali (Buckled) Church is the largest church in Göreme. Restoration of the church was completed during the 1980s. The only surviving example of its architectural origins is the Church of Mar Yakub in the Tur Abdin region located around present day Mardin. One noted feature of the church is the main nave containing ninth century frescoes in "provincial" style, the more recent additions are three apses of the 11th-century frescos, which are rendered in "metropolitan" style. The church contains frescos of the twelve apostles, the saints and scenes from the life of Jesus. The church also has a crypt underneath the nave.

Church of Constantine and Helena In the 19th century one of the region's two most important churches, the Church of Constantine and Helena is located in the center of the town of Mustafapaşa. There are different accounts regarding who was responsible for the construction of the church. According to one of these, it was built on the orders of Theophilus, the Archbishop of Kayseri. Another account says that that on the wish of the caviar trader Prodromos Tantirtzis, who had been of assistance to him, the Grand Vizier Bald Mehmed allowed the church to be built but only if it could be constructed in 40 days and, unbelievably, it was completed in this time

Çarıklı Kilise (the Church with Sandals) the name comes from the two footprints at the bottom of the Ascension fresco at the church's entrance (this fresco is said to be an exact copy of the one contained at the Church of the Ascension in Jerusalem). The church is cut into the same rock as Karanlik Kilise. The footprints themselves, have many unconfirmable legends attached to them. The church is carved into a cross floor plan with intersecting vaults.

Azize Barbara Kilisesi, (or the Church of Saint Barbara) Barbara was a Greek martyr who was imprisoned by her father in order to protect her from the influences of Christianity. Barbara nevertheless found a way to practice her faith and her father tortured and killed her.

St. Basil’s Chapel is a haphazard, yet intriguing, church inside the Open Air Museum. This small church, located just after the so-called nunnery, is the first church you visit in the Open Air Museum.

The general layout is (1) a large narthex with four arched entryways leading into (2) a transverse barrel-vaulted nave with three apses. This unique layout (poorly) mimics the New Tokalı Church. The nearby Yılanlı Church, though unfinished, appears to imitate St. Basil’s floorplan.

At the end of the tour, you will be dropped off at your hotel at about 18:00pm.




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The tour starts at 10:00 am from hotel

  • Elmali (Apple) Church
  • Dark Church,
  • Tokali (Buckled) Church
  • Church of Constantine and Helena
  • Çarıklı Church
  • Ayvali (Quince) Church
  • Saint Basil Chapel
  • Santa Barbara Chapel
  • Şahinefendi Sobesos Ancient City
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