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Cappadocia is a touristical destination that fascinates tourists with its amazing  historical and natural beauties. When you visit Cappadocia, with its underground and aboveground cities and fairy chimneys, you will find something to impress you in every corner. Meanwhile Cappadocia is one of the most wanted routes to visit on the world and is on the world heritage list and protected by UNESCO.

In addition to Natural and Historical beauties, Cappadocia presents our Guests a various of events and tours.When Cappadocia is mentioned,Hot air balloon flights which starts with sunrise comes to minds. Out of these, Safari tours, Daily in city tours, Valley walking destination tours are nice options to experience too.


Paragliding flights, which you can do when you visit Cappadocia, have been carried out in our region since 2016. Paragliding flights happens at morning,midday,sunset up to weather like Balloon tours.The determining factor for flight is Wind speed must be below from 30km/h. So that means you have a chance to cancel your flight at June,July but you can fly in December without any problem.


You don’t need to have a education to fly with Paraglide.Important information about flight is gonna be given you by our proffesional pilots. Our flight starts at Aşıklı mountain and our transportation done with our 4x4 vehicle .


Note: People with heart disease, asthma and pregnancy risk, and people weighing 110 kilos and above cannot participate in our flights.

Note : Our flights takes 15-30 mins up to weather situation.

Date Single adult Children
Everyday 95,00 EU
0-4 ages (Free)
4-8 ages (50% off)
8-18 ages (No discount)
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