Whirling Dervish Show – Cappadocia

Whirling Dervish Show – Cappadocia

Cappadocia shows its mystical atmosphere to its guests with whirling dervish show. These shows are impressive and meaningful for both local and foreign tourists. Dervish show is such a unique activity that it makes you to travel in different lands even for a few hours.

Dervish show is a divine show that organizes in stone carving places or caves. The whirling dervish show which is founded with the leadership of Hz Mevlana and succeed to fascinate people with its beauty for years, is the most special and beautiful show in the activities to be done in Cappadocia. Guests who have a chance to experience and to watch this special show in unique Cappadocia atmosphere, can called as the favored ones.

The Dervish show is a real Mevlevi ritual organized in Cappadocia Dervish House with 5 musician,4- 5 whirling dervish and the captain of the whirling dervishes. You will have an unforgettable hour thanks to Cappadocia whirling dervish show that will fascinate you with both their dance and costumes.


Whirling Dervish Show Details

This very special show takes an hour. They show a short presentation about Cappadocia and its precious fairy chimneys at the beginning or ending of the Dervish show and serve a special sherbet. The Whirling Dervish Show have 7 parts that have different meaning each and it is presented in two sessions. Because of the transfer services are provided by organization company, guests are taken from their hotels for the show and left back to their hotels at the end.


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