Narligol Crater Lake

Narligol Crater Lake

With an area of approximately three thousand square meters and an altitude of 1371 meters, the depth of the lake reaches 70 - 80 meters. Surrounded by high mountains, this natural wonder stays in a pit, so it never catches snow and freezing frosts. While cold winter in Cappadocia, Narlıgöl spends this season in a completely temperate climate. One of the features that makes the lake interesting is that it looks like a heart when viewed from above. This interesting shape, which you cannot understand while standing on its shore, was discovered with the attention of the photographers shooting.

In the area where the lake is, there are fairy chimneys and underground cities along the valley extending in the east-west directions of Narköy. The reason why the underground city is openly visible and almost looks like an above-ground city is that the hard slope on which it was carved, collapsed over time, revealing the residential area.While some of the fairy chimneys have 2 or 3 floors, some can rise up to 5 floors. The cruciform churches carved into them belong to the Late Byzantine Period and belong to AD. It is dated to the 10th and 12th centuries. Especially one of the 5-storey churches in the valley is separated by frescoes on the ground floor. Although these frescoes, which were made very carefully, have been destroyed until today, they stand out with their depictions of saints, saints and Jesus.

The area where the lake is was once a village. One day a beggar came to this village. Although he knocked on every door and begged for alms, no one gave alms to him. While he was getting ready to leave without hope, a bright-faced girl, one of the fresh brides of the village, passed in front of him. She, pitying the beggar, placed a small alms from her palm.

The beggar looked at the bride's face and said,’’ God bless you ‘’and told her to turn around and follow him as she got up. The beggar in the front, the fresh bride in the back, they went about a kilometer from the place where this lake is. When the bride looked back, she saw that the village was now filled by a lake. It is rumored that the hot tears of the bride, who started to cry from her sadness, are the hot water source in the lake. Narlıgöl, which has recently become a favorite stop for domestic and foreign tourists coming to Cappadocia, is home to rare beauties that must be seen. You can add this point to your Cappadocia adventure. Do not forget that you can travel with us. We visit in our Ihlara Tour (Green Tour )

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