Many years ago, what we now call Love Valley was actually a village. There were ten dynasties living in this village. One day, a fight broke out between the two families living in the village, and because of the fight, the village was divided into two and people did not talk to each other. One day, two villagers who complained about the situation decided to take and introduce a young man from both sides who are hostile to each other. The young people also fell in love as soon as they saw each other. The quarrelsome villagers, who understood the situation, did their best to separate the young people, but they could not succeed. Finally, they decided to get the young people married. Time passed, the couple had a child. However, even this situation was not enough to reconcile the quarreling families. Finally, they killed the boy. The poor girl could not stand her husband's death and committed suicide. It is said that after the death of the two lovers, God rained stones to punish the people living in the village. These stones kill anyone who opposes the reunion of the youth. Rumor has it that the spirits of the couple often visited this area and talked to the children.

The valley known as Love Valley, Lovers Valley or Baglidere has such a story. The only impressive thing is not the story, but the valley itself. This is the best location for those who want to take a balloon tour. Thanks to its aesthetic appearance and beauty, Fairy Chimneys add beauty to the beauty of Love Valley.



It is one of the longest tracks in Cappadocia. The Zemi Valley, which is approximately 5600 meters long, takes its name from the Zemi Stream passing through the valley.

While touring the Valley, you come across plum, stop, cherry, pear, apricot, sour cherry and hazelnut trees. During your tour, you will see the Sarnıç Church, El Nazar Church and Karabulut Church, Görkündere and Saklı Church.



Another name is Dream Valley. The reason for this is that the shapes of the Fairy Chimneys here are similar to animal and human shapes. The most interesting and interesting Fairy Chimney in the Dream Valley is the camel-shaped one. Imagination Valley, which immerses everyone in dreams like its name, makes you feel as if you are in a completely different realm and period.



Another name is Red Valley. It consists of red tuff rocks, and during the sunset, this redness takes on a darker state and fascinates itself. It can be a little difficult to navigate as it has many recesses and protrusions. During the trip, you will encounter several tunnels. The longest of these intriguing tunnels is about 37 meters. Kızılçukur Valley is one of the favorite centers of ATV tour, walking tour and horse tour routes.



Ihlara Valley is known as Peristremma in ancient sources. It has an important place among the canyons in the world and there are hundreds of churches in it. A few of these churches are also open to visitors.

The biggest feature that distinguishes Ihlara Valley from other valleys is that it was the largest valley where people lived here in ancient times. The Melendiz river also passes through here. The immense nature of the valley is one of its most remarkable features. It has a lush and enormous area of vineyards and gardens and many churches.

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