What to buy in Cappadocia?

The Cappadocia region is a local region with unique natural formations and ancient churches. However, It is already known that such formations are reflected in souvenirs.

Nowadays, you can buy magnets, dishes, ceramics from such items, and we will provide you with more detailed information below.


The fact that Cappadocia has very suitable lands for viticulture makes the region a crucial center in terms of wine production. You can have an amazing  dinner with local wines produced here and make romantic Cappadocia evenings more romantic.

There are two main wine producers in Cappadocia: Kocabağ and Turasan.

Turasan Winery

When it comes to Cappadocia wines, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly Turasan Wines. The factory, which was established by Hasan Turasan in 1943, has become a frequented destination for many wine lovers by still working with great devotion and maintaining its quality.

Since Emir grapes, which are famous in the region, turn into a completely different beauty with the touch of Turasan, we think of the award-winning ‘’Emir white wine’’ of the company. If you are white wine lover, you should come to Ürgüp and have a taste of it.

If you want to see how wine is produced as well as tasting, you can see it at the production facility on weekdays.

Kocabag Winery

The company, located in Uçhisar and producing wine since 1972, has won 6 gold and 17 silver medals in winemaking competitions, and won Turkey's best white wine award in 2017. Emir, Narince, Kalecik Karası, Öküzgözü grapes are grown in 64 decares of vineyard area. In addition to the domestic market, it aims to promote the potential of the region and its wines abroad with exports.

For this reason, The company exports to Germany, Austria, America, Japan and Canada.


Pottery that has been traditionally made since the Hittites, dating back to 2000 BC, is one of the only things that comes to mind when Avanos region is mentioned. There are two clays used in production (red clay, white clay), pots from red clays and ceramics from white clays.

By coming here you can visit pottery workshops,but also you can have an experience by trying it.

Cappadocia Ceramics

Cappadocia Seramic, which has been making pottery for five generations and presenting its handmade products to its guests in a 3000 square meter workshop, is indisputably the first workshop that comes to mind in Cappadocia when it comes to Pottery, which you should visit when you come to Cappadocia.

Onyx Items And Zultanite Jewelry

Zultanite (Sultan's Stone) or zultanite is a rare stone unique to the Turkish geography used in jewelry making. This stone, which takes its name from the Ottoman sultans, takes on yellow, green or violet tones according to the light of the environment. This stone, which takes its name from the Ottoman sultans, positively affects the spiritual and mental flow of people like many precious stones. You can find many shops selling zultanite jewelry and accessories in the Cappadocia region.

Another stone with the feature of reflecting the light extracted from the Cappadocia region is the Onyx stone. When you think of Cappadocia, you can gift these miraculous stone items to your loved ones. In addition to the variety of colors, onyx stone used in ornaments can also be used in jewelry. It is believed that onyx stone, which offers many options, has an effect on positive thinking and happiness. In this onyx stone, which was believed to bring luck in the past, black colors were preferred especially for jewelry making, while it comes across with colorful models in ornaments.

As you can buy other small gifts from all over the world, you can also buy small souvenirs such as Magnet when you come to Cappadocia.

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