Kızılırmak The Longest River In Turkiye



Kızılırmak that even available to see from space. Kızılırmak has a specialty of being the largest stream of Turkiye. This river is home to fish such as carp, sea bass, mullet and pike. It starting at Sivas,İmranlı and it ends at Samsun Bafra.It visites Kırşehir,Sinop,Kırıkkale,Çankırı,Aksaray. Kızılırmak takes its name from the soil which has colour of Carmine. This soil became the source of pottery and ceramics. You can try to create your own masterpiece for free. Baloons also coming there for sightseeing. It corresponds to the riverside Avanos district in the Cappadocia region. Avanos is motherland of handmade Potteries. Its also known that pottery has been made in Avanos since the Hittites. In addition to its Natural beauty you can make your holiday with activities at riverside such as big shows,concerts and any theatrical works.It also has Rafting activities,Canoes and tours with motoboats. You can have a good time accompanied by the images of historical houses reflected in the river, Enjoy its local flavors. Our reccommendation is Turkish coffee for it.


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