Cappadocia, one of the rare places where geography meets history, also attracts the attention of nature lovers. Tourists from many parts of the world usually spend their time on nature walks after balloon flights and daily tours.

Cappadocia is a volcanic area covered with tuff layers formed as a result of volcanic eruptions that took place millions of years ago. These layers were eroded over time by rain water and various erosion factors and formed many canyon type valleys of Cappadocia. Today, almost each of these valleys is a natural trekking trail. Let's talk about the most popular ones;


Love Valley

Baglidere valley, known among the people, is one of the most interesting and comfortable valley tracks of the region, which has gained popularity with the name of Love Valley today. You can visit the whole valley in approximately one and a half or two hours, and you can take beautiful pictures among the interesting fairy chimney formations in the middle of the valley.


Red Valley

Red Valley is one of the valleys where you can watch the sunrise and sunset in the best way. It is also a rolling valley full of greenery where you can see various Roman rock-carved churches along the track. Various longer or shorter trails are available. It is a fun and visually satisfying track where visitors of all age groups can walk.


Pigeon Valley

For centuries, local people have been using pigeon droppings to as a fertilizer for their lands, so they build dovecotes for wild pigeons to live in. You will have the opportunity to see various forms of these dovecotes along this green valley of about 4 km. Even pigeons that have existed in this valley for centuries will accompany you.


Ihlara Valley

Ihlara Valley is a natural canyon type valley carved by the Melendiz Stream in Aksaray province. The whole valley is approximately 14 km long and there are various large and small trails in it. In this area, 3.5 km of which is specially prepared for tourists, there are also 15 churches dating from the 9th to the 13th centuries, which are open to visitors. It is a peaceful track with a unique view that will accompany you with bird sounds and the sound of melendiz stream along the way. You can join the tours where you can walk all of the 14km, or you can walk as much as you want with your own vehicle.


Zemi Valley

Located on the Nevşehir-Ürgüp road, the valley is the most preferred place for trekking.

one of the points. It is a very rich trekking trail in terms of vegetation, where you can encounter many different bird species along the average 2-hour trail. There are many historical buildings such as the Cistern Church, El Nazar Church, Görkündere Church and Saklı Church that should be seen in the valley that ends on the Kermir Hill.

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