Incredible Salt Lake


The salt lake impresses us with its structure, beauty and the diversity of animals and plants it hosts. This lake, which meets 70 percent of Turkey's salt needs, is also a frequent bird sanctuary due to its location on migration routes. 85 bird species, 129 insect species and 38 endemic plant species live in Tuz Lake. This lake, which is on the World Temporary Heritage List by UNESCO, is the 2nd largest lake in Turkey after Lake Van. Since the general depth of the lake is around 40-50 cm on average, it is possible to visit it on foot. Another feature of the lake is that the color of the lake turns pink after the temperature of the water increases. Its length is 80 km and this lake is fed by rivers such as Melendiz Peçenek. Group tours also organised to this area. If you have plans to visit this lake, we recommend that you come between March and May. It’s also accessible from from Cappadocia. You can reach that place from Cappadocia with 2 hour long Travel. When you visit here, walking barefoot in this lake will have a relaxing effect on you. You can buy items that will remind you of this beauty from the facilities here, and you can consume these salt products that are beneficial to your health with peace of mind.

Salt Lake Story


It all started when a very tired and thirsty monk found his way here. At that time, Salt Lake was a lush garden with vineyards. The owner of the garden is a grumpy old woman. The monk asked for a bunch of grapes from an old woman who shaded her garden under the vineyard. As if she didn't see the grapes hanging from the vineyard, the woman said, "My vineyard did not give any grapes this year." That's when a curse came out of the monk's mouth, saying that he would be turned into salt. As a result, everything became salt.

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