Places to Visit in Cappadocia - Cappadocia Valleys

Places to Visit in Cappadocia - Cappadocia Valleys

Cappadocia, which means 'Land of Beautiful Horses' with the name ascribed to it by the Persians, undoubtedly has many titles. They got this name because the most beautiful horses were raised here and organized a visual feast in the valleys. Cappadocia is a unique region that was formed by the wind and rain erosion of the soft lava layer erupting from the surrounding Erciyes, Güllü Mountain and Hasan Mountains, or rather by the miracle of nature.

Although the places to visit in Cappadocia are subject to limitations, the landscapes that you can't get enough of in larger times, wonderfully formed valleys, rock-carved cave houses force you to travel in history. In this article, we will give you information about Cappadocia places to visit, Cappadocia tours, the best Cappadocia photography places.

1 – Goreme Open Air Museum

From the moment you enter it, you will realize that you have entered a completely different world. Many churches, chapels and living spaces carved into the rocks will welcome you in this different world, where the monastic life begins and the missionary and seclusion of Christians fleeing from oppression is offered. Girls – Boys Monastery, Elmalı Church, Yılanlı Church, Çarıklı Church, Dark Church, St. Barbara and St. Basil Churches and Tokalı Church will fascinate you with its unique frescoes and take you on a deep historical journey.

Cappadocia is the point you can see with the red tour. You can contact us for reservation and more detailed information.

2- Uchisar Pigeon Valley

The Cappadocia Pigeon Valley, which starts from Uçhisar and extends to Göreme and covers an area of 4 kilometers, got its name from the pigeon nests carved into the rocks. Domestic and foreign tourists coming to Cappadocia visit the Güvercinlik valley with the Cappadocia Green Tour. The people of the region fed these pigeons until the 9th century and used their manure in the vineyards and their eggs in the plaster of the frescoes. If you want to see both the pigeon's nests and the unique vegetation that nature offers, do not return without walking this valley. You can make this visual scene into a memory with great photos. The beauty of the Cappadocia valleys, together with the show of pigeons, adorns the sky.

3- Cappadocia Love Valley

It is a valley that lives up to its name. The valley of love is exactly the place to experience marriage proposal, love confessions, romance. The valley prepares a special environment for you at sunrise and with balloon flights. You can organize in the morning with balloons or enjoy tea with your chairs at sunset. You can see this valley, which makes you fall in love with its scenery with its fairy chimneys and different shapes of formations, with the Cappadocia red tour, or if you want to see it at sunrise, you can arrange a vehicle.

4- Uchisar Castle

Uçhisar castle is like a view point of Cappadocia; It lays the snowy head of Erciyes, Kızılçukur, Ürgüp, Avanos, or rather the whole region, under your feet. It is a magnificent castle where you can watch the sunset, see the houses and formations, and witness the view from above.

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