Cappadocia Love Valley

Cappadocia Love Valley

Are you one of those who went to Cappadocia and did not see the wonders of nature in the Valley of Lovers - Love Valley? Also known as the Baglidere Valley, this stunningly visually appealing place pushes you to fall in love even if you're not. Even if you are not in love yet, you will fall in love with the Cappadocia Valley of Lovers from the moment you stop by. Do you want to get rid of the gray colors of the city and throw yourself into nature? Here you are at the right address!

While visiting Cappadocia, you will definitely pass by the Love Valley. However, because there is only a sign named "Bağıldere" here, you may have passed by it many times without knowing what is inside. Love Valley, which has a road that is difficult for vehicles to enter, is a more frequent destination for balloon tourers. If you have come across a lucky period when the weather conditions are nice, you will have the luxury of seeing this region from a bird's eye view with balloon tours. If you want to examine such a wonderful place more closely after what I have told you, you will read the rest of the article breathlessly.

Before talking about the immense beauty of Love Valley, let's get to know Cappadocia in general. The history of Cappadocia, a wonderful region of Nevşehir, dates back to ancient times. Although this place, which is 60 million years old, does not exist as a city, it is a wonderful region with colorful lands and fairy chimneys. The region, which has become this patient with patience, is also known as the "Land of White Horses". Cappadocia, which is also the crown jewel of its neighbors Aksaray, Niğde and Kayseri, is ready to offer you a visual feast. So what are you waiting for! But our story is not over yet. Let's move on to what you don't know about the Love Valley - Lovers' Valley, also known as the Baglidere Valley, which is the apple of the eye of Cappadocia.


Love Valley Story

The Minstrels Valley, which is made up of volcanic tuffs with its neat beauty, and which is famous for galloping in the form of fairy chimneys, has a story that is at least as beautiful as its own.

 In ancient times, there was a village with an uncanny beauty with a very strong water flow. Ten dynasties lived in this village, which is also very fertile in terms of fruits and vegetables. One day, there was a fight between two dynasties. After this fight, the village was officially divided into two. After a while, the sides of the fight became unable to stay in the same village. The village had to be divided into two, while constantly fighting and fighting. Since the villages were separated, the young people from these two villages could not talk to each other. However, two villagers who rebelled against this situation decided to introduce the two young people. And the young people liked each other at first sight and fell in love. This love, which spread to the people of the village, made the two villages even more hostile to each other. Although they cast spells, fights and threatens, the two villages, who realized that they could not separate these two young people, eventually got them married. Come and go, the beautiful children of the world are born to two young people. However, the people who did not end this war in two separate villages kill the boy. The girl, on the other hand, cannot bear the death of her husband and commits suicide. After the death of two young lovers, it is said that God rained stones on this valley. These stones kill anyone who does not want the young people to meet. A story born after such a love could only be called "Valley of Lovers".


Love Valley Goreme Cappadocia, a place where you can come with your spouse, family or alone, will offer you unforgettable memories. Love Valley, which is at the top of the places where you can watch the sunrise best, is an extraordinary paradise that fills the sky with balloons. If we say Turkey's paradise, it would be a little bit for this place, I'm sure you will say it when you go. You will have the opportunity to visit the Love Valley through the numerous hotels you can stay in and hundreds of tours you can join in the Cappadocia region. Do not forget that the most important item you will take with you when you go is the camera. Because you will engrave images that you will never want to forget.

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