Cappadocia Baloon Flights and Prizes of 2022

Cappadocia Baloon Flights and Prices of 2022

Maybe human imitation of flying creatures is as old as human history. For centuries, he has put flying creatures in a separate place and even put wings on their gods. Moreover, he dreamed of flying always, and according to some sources, he started to work on it before Christ. The Greek philosopher called the invention he found to fly “the pigeon”, Chinese sources called teirs as manned kite, history writes that the first manned flight was made by Andalusian Muslims with a glider-style vehicle. When we come to our land, it is a flight story that we are all familiar with, Hazarfen Ahmet Çelebi's passage through Galata with his ownmade  wings through Bosphorus.

Unfortunately, what we have told so far is proof that this adventure has always existed, even though it has not been proven, the first flight of man in real records is 19 October 1783, with the flight of scientists Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier, Jean-Baptiste Réveillon and Giroud de Villette with a hot air balloon invented by the Montgolfier Brothers. took place. After this day, flying has become a goal for human beings, rather than a dream; and the point we have reached in the last two centuries in terms of manned flights is beyond imagination.


Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Prices

Today, hot air ballooning, which was started by the Montgolfier Brothers in 1783, has gained a different dimension, and now it has taken its place in the pages of history as a pleasant touristic activity where people have the opportunity to watch the magnificent landscapes in different parts of the world from a bird's eye view.

Cappadocia Region, which is the first destination of hot air ballooning in Turkey, cannot be considered independently from hot air balloon activities today. In the region, where the first flights were made by companies for advertising purposes in the 1980s, today 25 balloon companies provide invaluable moments to local and foreign tourists with their more than 100 balloons.


Cappadocia Turkey Hot Air Balloon Tours

Cappadocia balloon tours take place in the early hours of the morning, the adventure that starts with the pick-up of the guests from their hotels ends with the completion of the preparations with a mini breakfast at the morning flight point, and after the flight and a symbolic ceremony after the ceremony, the guests are left to their hotels. The whole organization takes about 3 to 4 hours. Let's add as a note that it is useful to dress cautiously, as the air temperature can be quite low in Cappadocia in the early hours of the morning ;)

The price of this unique experience inevitably attracts the curiosity of the guests and is important in terms of adjusting their budgets. Since balloon tourism started in the region, pricing has been done in foreign currency becaouse of the costs are in foreign currency as well.Another factor affecting the price is that as the number of passengers in the basket, when the number of passengers in the basket decrease the fees per person increase, while those who want luxury services such as a solo flight may have to sacrifice 1000 euros.

When we come to the Cappadocia balloon prices in 2022, unfortunately, the economic situation we are in has also affected this sector, where almost everything is imported from abroad and a team of 8 10 people takes part in one flight. Prices vary during the season due to the rapidly changing costs from fuel to spare parts. Checking our website for up-to-date prices may be the best step to get healthy and accurate information:

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